2021 Summit Vendors and Sponsors

Sponsor: $500

Sponsor logos will appear on every page of the summit and in all summit emails. Summit pages include landing page, speaker pages (21), sessions pages (30) and category pages. Sponsors will need to provide a logo, a 200-character message and a link. We are only accepting five sponsors for this event.

Vendor: $49

Vendors will appear on all the pages in a category. Our categories are: marketing, publishing, craft of writing. Each category has 10 sessions. Vendors will need to provide a logo, a 200-character message and a link.

Please Note: our summit platform comes with certain limitations, explained in the forms below. Please be aware that logos will appear about 1/2″ high on the screen. Horizontal logos are best. If you do not have a horizontal version of your logo, we suggest you create a text-only version for this event. The image below shows the difference between a square logo and a horizontal logo. Our platform recommends an image size of 500 x 146.

Here is our logo (the blue square pictured above) redone in the horizontal format using the recommended dimensions:

Please fill out the appropriate form below. Once submitted, you will be taken to the payment page.



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