CCWF Small Writing Communities

As part of our mission to encourage one another in our writing endeavors, CCWF is seeking writers interested in forming smaller writing communities dedicated to fellowship, critique and/or group writing. We would like to personalize these communities that meet regularly outside the meeting times. The meetings can be in person or online.

  • In Peer Support Groups, writers will get to know other writers, develop supportive relationships, share prayer requests and discuss professional issues informally.
  • In Critique Groups, writers will meet to share their writing and receive helpful critiques.
  • Writing Groups offer accountability and a regular time to work on individual projects in a group setting. Support and Critique Groups may hold write-ins as part of their activities. Write-ins, open to other members, will be announced our newsletter.

Our goal is for each of these groups to become a smaller community where you will find the practical support you need in your journey as a Christian writer. Although we will begin with a suggested format and agenda, the community structure is flexible and will depend on members’ needs. Each group can set things up in a way that fits the group’s needs.

CCWF will help facilitate these groups by providing guidelines and helping people find the right group for them.

For more information contact Pam Green at,
or Johnese Burtram at

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