CCWF Critique: Questions for Poetry

Subject and Structure

Can you discern the subject of the poem?

Does the title tell you something about the subject of the poem?

Do the lyric components (form and structure, rhyme, meter) of the poem make sense or are they confusing?

Do the layout and line breaks enhance or distract from the flow and meaning of the poem?

Writing Quality and Language

Is there use of clichés / overused words?

When used does the poet demonstrate effective use of

Consistency in use of internal images?  Themes, motifs


Is the language appropriate and clear? Are there too many adjectives and adverbs?

Does the language show, not tell? Use of sensory references – sound, smell, taste, touch

Do you get the message of the poem?
What does the poem convey to you personally?
How does this writing effect you emotionally/spiritually?

Based on Critiquing Poetry,
Thank you to Patricia Tiffany Morris for her editing.