CCWF Critique: General Standards for Critique

Critique is an important part of the writing process. It helps the writer see through another set of eyes. In pursuing the craft of writing, the writer needs honest input in order to hone his/her skills.

A good (useful) critique will address the general critique elements as well as genre’ specific questions.


The purpose of CCWF Critique is to encourage members by providing feedback for their writing.

  • Be encouraging. Find at least two positive comments.
  • Be respectful with your critical comments.

General Critique Elements

Beginning – Did it catch your attention from the first paragraph?

Page turnability – Is it interesting? Are you eager to read on?

Logic – Does it make sense? Does it flow and connect logically or does the order confuse you? Does it progress toward a satisfying conclusion?

 – Does the piece end well? Are all elements tied together in the end or are you left puzzled?

Writing Quality

  • Is this piece creative?
  • Is the writing clear? Or is it a struggle to understand sentence structure?
  • Are you distracted from the text at any point?
  • Are there grammatical or spelling errors?

Misc. Did the text carry the writing? or was the text hard to follow? Was the point or message of the piece discernible?