Sarah Hamaker

Resolving Tension

By Sarah Hamaker. CCWF president As writers, we work with tension all the time—without tension, our stories would sag and our heroes and heroines would have very boring relationships. But this blog is about the tension we experience between what we want to work on and what we have to work on. For many of

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Tackling the Small Stuff

By Sarah Hamaker, CCWF president I’m a details person, which translated well into my chosen profession of writer and editor. I notice things like misplaced commas, wrong usage of apostrophes (don’t get me started on how years can’t be possessive!) and subject/verb disagreement. It used to drive me crazy when I encountered grammatical or word

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What If?

By Sarah Hamaker, president of CCWF What if I actually can’t write? What if the plot’s a mess? What if I start and don’t know how to finish the book? What if no one else likes it? What if it’s published and no one buys it? In our writing life, we entertain many What If

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