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Conversations: Coming to Know God and to Make Him Known

We are excited to announce CCWF’s 2021 anthology, Conversations: Coming to Know God and to Make Him Known.

The Concept

In a world battered by the loneliness and isolation, people crave conversation and connection more than ever. Relationships wither without time spent hearing and being heard. This collection, Conversations, invites CCWF writers to find a way into the heart and mind of God so that they may, in turn, make Him known in their writing.

What can we learn about God and what He wants for us as we listen to the words of Jesus (Coming to Know God) and respond by using our gifts of writing to Make Him Known? Using the Sermon on the Mount as a wonderful glimpse into the heart of God, we invite you to consider how do those words resonate with you today? How does reading them help you quiet the noise of the world and begin a conversation with God? And how then can you share that conversation with others through your writing?

The Content

This Capital Christian Writers Fellowship anthology is an inspirational work based on the themes of the Sermon on the Mount. We are inviting all members to participate in this project by submitting devotional writing, essays and narrative writing inspired by their reflections on the Matthew 5-7. We are looking for pieces that help readers enter in the divine conversation with God and to carry that conversation into their lives, to know God and to make Him known.

We encourage all of our members to submit one or more pieces for consideration*

The Composition

Members may submit one or more entry in any category: devotions, short essay, or short narrative work for inclusion. We also invite royalty-free photos, graphics or artwork.

SUBMISSIONS: April 19 -June 18, 2021 
Send submissions to: with Anthology in the Subject line.

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Submission to the CCWF Anthology is a member benefit.

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