Spiritual/ Encouragement Recordings Bundle



When you purchase this bundle, you will receive an email with a link to a content management system called LiveBinders, as well as an access key to view the content. If purchasing more than one bundle, please allow a few days to receive the link, as this is not automated.

Access to this content will continue through March 2025.

Note: There are duplicate recordings in a few of the bundles. For example, if you purchase the 2023 bundle, some of those recordings may also be found in the Business bundle.

This bundle includes the top 10 recordings related to Christian themes in writing and encouragement for the Christian writer. These were recorded between 2020-2024. Included in this bundle:

Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan with Denise Pass

Your Story Matters with Dr. Mel Tavares

Continuing to Write Through Life’s Trials and Difficulties with Robin Patchen

The Making of a Writer with Jennifer Slattery

Trusting the Process with Cindi McMenamin

Infusing Christian Themes into the General Market with CJ Brightley

Writing for Change with Preslaysa Williams

Deeper Walk, Deeper Words: Writing as a Spiritual Discipline with Mary Yerkes

Writing Devotions from the Heart with Yvonne Ortega

What Makes a Book Christian with Sarah Bolme (Audio only from Jan 2020 Conference)


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