Notable for 2019

Current Trends for Writers

Trends for Readers
  • Bookworms rack up over 700 hours of reading a year – the equivalent of 30 full days.
    86 percent (2018 survey/2000 Americans) feel they make a conscious effort to read in some way every day.
    Tallying up reading times across books, ebooks, newspaper articles and reading websites, the average respondent clocks two hours of reading per day.[1]
Trends for Writing and Publishing
  • Increased role of Amazon Marketing Services for publishers.
    “AMS ads will become an essential part of the author’s toolkit in 2019. More and more authors are reporting rising costs on Facebook ads.”[2]
  • Increased market share for indie authors.
    “With the aid of Amazon, indie authors will continue to grab more marketshare, especially in e-books. Many fiction genres, such as romance, crime, and sci-fi, are already dominated by self-published writers.”[3]
    “More independent authors will see real income from book sales…”[4]
  • Increased demand for quality writing and publishing.
    “… independent authors who invest the time and resources to create quality books will be rewarded by readers… Low book quality can lead to poor reviews or readers giving up on a book or an author altogether.”[5]
  • As audio books increase in popularity, “2019 will be a year in which independent authors en masse find success with audiobooks.”[6]
  • Christian indie authors join publishing associations
    “As the competition for readers’ attention increases, the importance of belonging to a publishing association grows.[7]
Writing Hacks from Positive Writer[8]
  • Write down ideas whenever they come.
  • Write daily and momentum will come, stay, and grow.
  • Print out a calendar and record your progress
  • Turn ideas into reality
  • Keep experimenting. It’s better to learn than to guess.
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