Member Spotlight: John Cowgill

What type of writing do you do? (Books, blogging, articles, genre, audience, etc.) And are you traditionally published or self/indie published?

John:   I have been mainly writing articles; mostly railroad articles.  I also write day trip articles. I have written short stories and poems.  My articles are published in certain travel sites.  My short stories and poems are published in different publications.

What inspired you to begin writing?

John: I wrote short stories in school until the school I attended banned it. It was when I was attending a ministry at a church when it started coming back to me. People were enjoying my writing and wanted more. That gave me an idea to continue writing. With my love of trains, I was given the opportunity to write railroad articles for five years for the DC Examiner. Later, I began writing day trip articles for Prince William Living, and I began writing for The Trackside Photographer.            

How often do you write?

John: It is usually whenever I can. I try to take advantage of available free time to write. I can usually write a few times a week.

How do find time to write?

John: I normally have to make time, but sometimes time becomes available.

Do you schedule the time or write when the Spirit moves you?

John: I write when the Spirit move me. If I am at home and feel lead, I go and write.

Are you a pantser or an outliner?

John: Mainly I am a pantser. When I write, I tend to feel my way through the writing. Outlines have never worked for me.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

John: One of my challenges tends to be trying to say things with the proper wording. I know what I want to say but having the words to communicate what I want to say can be an issue.      

What is your writing dream?

John: I would like to continue writing railroad articles and do some travel writing as well, particularly about towns and sites that people can visit. I so hope to get out a novel one day.          

What are you working on now?

John: Right now, I am writing railroad articles and an occasional day trip article. I also insert time to write poems and short stories.

What would you most like to share with other Christian writers?

John: The thing I would share is that every person has a talent, and we have been given the talent of writing. Some of our writing may be targeted to a large audience, while some is targeted to one person. Regardless of what it is, let our works bring glory to God.

John Cowgill


John Cowgill was raised in a small town outside Washington, DC. His writing began many years later when he was attending a church in Virginia. From that beginning, he began writing short stories and eventually moved into writing railroad and day trip articles. 


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  1. Yeah, John. So glad you write about railroads and travel. I think it is amazing to be able to take people on a vacation from CoVid. Blessings, Betsey Kodat

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