2021 Summit Recordings



When you purchase this bundle, you will receive an email with a link to a content management system called LiveBinders, as well as an access key to view the content. If purchasing more than one bundle, please allow a few days to receive the link, as this is not automated. Access to this content will continue through March 2025.

This bundle includes the following 33 recordings:

Day 1: Craft:

Keynote: Who Has Despised the Day of Small Things with Brandilyn Collins

Pump Your Writing Past the Middle Level with Amy Deardon

Memoir Writing: Taking Your Story a Step Further with Cindi McMenamin

The Passionate Heart of Storytelling with John Jenkins

Prayer, Presence, and Putting Together a Publishable Devotion with Melanie Rigney

Revision: Tips for Diving into the Wreck with Melanie Rigney

Be Bold! Bridging the Gap with Edgy Christian Fiction with Michele Chynoweth

Characterology: The Art of Developing Characters with Sara Turnquist

Writing in the Time You’ve Got with Sarah Hamaker

Fiction Boot Camp with Sarah Sundin

Day 2: Marketing

Public Speaking for Fraidy Cats with Debb Hackett

Marketing Magic with Dani Pettrey

How to Book a Podcast Tour with Susan Neal

BioHazards: How to Write a Toxic-Free Bio with Linda Kozar

Navigating Newsletters for Authors with Hannah Conway

Facebook Ads for Authors with Hannah Conway

Creating a Marketing Plan When You Don’t Have a Marketing Degree with Hallee Bridgeman

Video Marketing for Authors with Hallee Bridgeman

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts with Greg Turnquist

Book Marketing is Dead: How to Build Your Next Book’s Audience in 2021 with Greg Turnquist

Day 3: Encouragement, Indie Publishing, etc.

The Best Publishing Path for You Now with Dani Pettrey

The Self-Publishing Process and How to Avoid Sharks and Scammers with CJ Brightley

Write From Your Heart: Publishing Lessons from the Book of Esther with Lisa Crayton

Surrendering the Need to Succeed with Cindi McMenamin

Entering the Publishing Door: Easy Ways to Get the Word “Published” on Your Resume with Cindi McMenamin

Building Your Writing Craft with God with Chris Morris

7 Things You Should Do to Set Up a Writing Business with Chris Morris

Ebook Projects You Can Finish in a Week with Amy Deardon

Day 4: Live Q&A Panels

Writing as a Calling Panel with Lisa Crayton & Chris Morris

Fiction Panel with Sara Turnquist and Michele Chynoweth

Nonfiction Panel with Melanie Rigney and Amy Deardon

Marketing Panel with Greg Turnquist, Hallee Bridgeman & Hannah Conway

Agent/Editor Panel with Jim Hart (Hartline Literary Agency), Linda Rondeau (Elk Lake Publishing) & Tamera Lynn Kraft (Mt. Zion Ridge Press)



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