March 9, 2022 Webinar

Trusting the Process: 5 Keys to Staying on Course





Award winning writer, national speaker,
author of 17 nonfliction books.


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“Trusting the Process: 5 Keys to Staying on Course

Do you ever feel frustrated, discouraged or ready to give up on writing and publishing? Cindi McMenamin, writing coach and career author of 17 traditionally published books, will encourage you with where God is in the process of your writing journey and give you practical ways to keep your focus, stay on course, run the race and pursue the prize. With biblical insights, decades of writing experience, and practical encouragement, she will help you leave this webinar motivated and ready to embrace God’s call on your heart to write.



March 9, 2022
8:oo – 9:00 PM

Zoom Meeting

Trusting the Process: 5 Keys to Staying the Course


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Cindi McMenamin is an awary winning writer, national speaker, and author of 17 nonfiction books (Harvest House Publishers). She has coached writers for nearly 20 years, helping them write books that resonate with readers’ hearts. Cindi and her husband have been married 33 years and live in San Diego.