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Why The Sermon on the Mount?

2021 Anthology, Conversations…A Join the Conversation Post For an editor, anthologies, as a genre’, cause a shiver of excitement and a shudder of angst. While the interface with one writer has unique challenges, the anthology with its multiple writers expands the challenge exponentially. As a writer, anthology contributors enjoy the satisfaction of a joint effort …

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Using Your Voice to Market Your Words

Public Speaking, Radio Interviews, and Podcasting for Writers Quarterly Meeting: Details Below In Using Your Voice to Market Your Words, career journalist and speechwriter Debb Hackett will walk you through ways to make public speaking, radio interviews and podcasting work for you. Many writers shy away from such ‘extrovert’ forms of communication but they can hold big opportunities to reach new audiences.  Writer, broadcaster …

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Writing Prayers

Guest Blog from Stephen W. Hiemstra In prayer, we communicate with God. The form and expectations of our prayer is shaped by our theology. In fact, I have found prayer to be the most theological written form. Theological Variants Prayer takes many forms. I have a neighbor who believes prayer is primarily happy talk that …

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